Connecting to your Cloud Accounts

Busy Bee will work remotely by accessing your Cloud Accounting System (ie Quickbooks Online or Xero).

You will need to add Busy Bee as a 'User' to your Cloud Accounts and provide a Username and Password.

Busy Bee will then be able to work remotely.


Sending Documentation

In order for Busy Bee to carry out a Bookkeeping Service, certain documentation will

be required from you, such as Supplier/Purchase Invoices, Credit Card/Debit Card Receipts, Bank/Credit Card Statements, etc.  It is imperative that these are received on time by the requested date.  Documents can be issued in the following ways:


- Scanned into your Dropbox, Google Drive or similar, and access provided to myself.

- By using an app such a Receipt Bank.

- Bulk scanned and emailed. 

- By Post - recorded or special delivery is recommended.


Being a 'Virtual' Bookkeeping Service doesn't mean lack of communication, Busy Bee understands the importance of Clients knowing exactly whats happening with their accounts.  However, you can have as much or as little communication as you wish.  You will be regularly up-dated via e-mail and you can make contact anytime via e-mail or mobile phone.  Depending on your location monthly meet ups may also be arranged.  And, of course, you still always have access to your Cloud Accounts wherever you are.



Busy Bee is happy to discuss any of the above with you

and answer all your questions - no matter how many!